Torqit KIT1006PT Power Module & Pedal Torq Package for Toyota Hilux, Prado 120 & 150 Series

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As the Torqit Power Module improves your vehicle's power and towing capacity across the board, the Torqit Pedal Torq throttle controller boosts the accelerator's responsiveness to elevate your truck's drivability to the fullest.

Power Module

The chip significantly improves the air to fuel ratio, creating less fuel usage, yet producing more power. Even better, This unit can be used as a hardwired or a Bluetooth controlled module.
No need to choose which one you would like. Once the Power Module is installed on a vehicle, it is automatically set to the highest performance mode.
Should you want to do some tweaking, simply download Torqit's Connect app and scan the barcode on the back of the module. This will enable a user to remotely tune the engine depending on preferred driving style or driving condition.
The Bluetooth mode has three optimum settings to choose from; Economy, Cruise and Sport, each increasing with power and torque.

Pedal Torq

The hard wired throttle control is fixed to a driver's dash, allowing easy access to adjust settings. It has three driving modes, each with customised settings (21 settings). These give a driver the ability to finely tune the vehicle’s accelerator to suit his or her personal driving preferences.