MSA Toyota Landcruiser Towing Mirrors LC70-LC79 Series 1984-Current

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Don't be a drongo with those cheap and nasty clip-on mirrors that’ll most likely have you wishing you bought better quality the first time. Like the Toyota Landcruiser Towing Mirrors by MSA. They are the ridge-didge – the real deal. They’ve been tested personally by the TJM Northern Beaches Team for strength and durability. Expect heavy-duty quality. 

MSA has specifically designed these towing mirrors to suit Aussie vehicles and their towing needs. Before now most towing mirrors available to the Australian market were suited for bigger trucks. MSA towing mirrors have been designed to look like they’re supposed to be there. In other words, they don’t stick out like dogs’ balls. 

The design is simple yet functional. They may seem like they are not that much different to your stock standard mirrors like on your land cruisers. But they have been designed with a slightly curved single glass to allow for a much better viewing angle than your stock mirrors. Providing ample viewing down the back and sides of the car. Sometimes the extra convex mirror on traditional towing mirrors can be confusing – especially when reversing. 

Suitable for large vans, boats, caravans, horse floats and large trailers. Also good for when your vehicle has a wide tray or canopy. The compact design is intentional so they can sit slightly closer to the car. When they stick out too far it’s a headache to navigate like in mall car parks and around trees. Besides extending it in and out you have two positions to work with. 

They can be rotated on their side for maximum viewing coverage. This is good for towing large 2m wide boats. When it’s rotated there’s an internal actuator sensor so you can still use your mirror switches up, down and left and right as needed. 

The MSA towing mirrors are fair dinkum – Meeting the Australian Design Rules (ADR) national standards and SEMA award-winning - The best-looking towing mirrors available

Features and specs: 

  • Designed for towing caravans, camper trailers, trailers, boats and horse floats
  • Adjusted to suit the viewing angle and preferences of any driver
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment caters to drivers of differing heights and seated positions to fit mount onto your vehicle door in the same position as your existing mirrors
  • A large, single mirror allows you to see your caravan or trailer sides without being confusing for everyday driving
  • Slightly curved glass for even more vision, but not too curved that it's distracting
  • Unique pivot design allows the mirrors to maintain everyday position dimensions, whilst allowing for easy further extension
  • Available to suit a growing range of tray backs and towing vehicles
  • Included: 1 x Left-hand side mirror, 1 x Right-hand side mirror and 1 x Installation instructions
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Freight Dimensions: 54 × 53 × 31 cm
  • Rock solid 5-year warranty
  • Supplier code: TM400

TJM Northern Beaches Expert Tips – Reach out to TJM Northern Beaches and let us know exactly what you need towing mirrors for. We have tested a range of towing mirrors on a range of different vehicle types for a variety of different purposes. We can help you make the best decision to suit your needs. 

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“I have MSA towing mirrors. Personally can't fault them excellent for towing and when in normal position they look the part.”