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Searching for a convenient way to access your fridge during those hardcore off-road journeys? 

Look no further than TJM Northern Beaches' exclusive SL95 Fridge Slide System, designed to seamlessly fit into the boot of your 4x4 vehicle. As your trusted 4x4 mechanic and accessory fitting company, we understand the demands of harsh terrains and unpredictable conditions. This is why we've crafted a solution that marries simplicity with rugged durability. 

It offers convenient access to your fridge contents with a cutting-edge compact design. Engineered in Australia and meticulously crafted to handle the rigours of outback touring. It’ll ensure your supplies remain intact and easily accessible throughout your journey.

Unlike traditional setups, the MSA SL95 Fridge Slide System boasts a flat mounting base, making installation into your vehicle's rear a breeze. The innovative design incorporates high-quality overextension roller bearings, enabling a smooth and effortless slide-out and slide-in motion for your fridge. 

The SL95 Fridge Slide System maximises slide extension, granting you greater access than ever before whether it's reaching for a quick snack or grabbing a cold drink.

Safety is paramount, which is why the MSA SL95 Fridge Slide System features a lock-in and lockout mechanism. This secures the slide in place no matter the angle of your vehicle. Including key locks, runner locks, and tie-down straps, your tray and fridge remain secure while on the move. The signature blue anodised faceplate is more than just eye-catching; it also represents the durable and rugged quality standard across the MSA range.

Feature and Specs

  • Heavy duty 200kg slide runner rating
  • Compact size for seamless installation
  • Effortless installation process
  • Lock-in and lock-out safety system for worry-free usage
  • Stainless steel and blue anodised aluminium fittings for durability
  • Robust powder-coated steel frame construction
  • Travel lock and key for enhanced security
  • All fixing and tie-down straps are included
  • Pre-drilled tray holes for a hassle-free setup
  • Backed by MSA 4X4 Lifetime Guarantee
  • Sealed dust resistant
  • 4 sizes available to suit your application
  • Fridge Barriers available to suit

Embrace the journey with the TJM Northern Beaches Fridge Slide System. Experience convenience, durability, and excellence in one remarkable package. Your off-road adventure begins here.

TJM Northern Beaches Expert Tips – Just like any mechanical system, the slide rails of your 4x4 fridge can benefit from proper lubrication. Use a high-quality, silicone-based lubricant to coat the moving parts of the slide, including the rails, rollers, and hinges.