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The original MAXTRAX 4X4 tracks: the perfect sidekick for your "VooDoo Blue" FJ Cruiser! These bad boys make vehicle recovery a breeze- easy peasy, lemon squeezy! With MAXTRAX, you won't get stuck in the mud! ;)

  •  MaxTrax MKII FJ Blue - Get ready to mosey out of sticky situations! These lightweight, durable 4-wheeled savers provide easy, no-sweat recovery from any terrain. You’ve found your get-out-of-jail-free card!

  • The MAXTRAX MKII FJ Blue is the perfect travel companion, fitting snugly in your car and taking up minimal space. Its compact size (45" x 13" x 3.5") makes it easy to transport and stow away - but don't let its size fool you! This pint-sized powerhouse is strong and reliable, so you'll make tracks on even the toughest terrain!

  • Don't get stuck in a rut with the MAXTRAX MKII FJ Blue! Featuring aggressive large cleats to bite into your tires and the terrain, you'll have no problem getting unstuck and on your way. With the power to get you out of any sticky situations (literally!), you'll be ready to take on any adventure!

  • It's made of super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon, so you can take on any terrain with confidence. University of Queensland tested it and it passed with flying colors--it'll wrap around a 33-inch tire without breaking! Let's hit the trails!

  • Not one for getting stuck in the sand? MAXTRAX MKII FJ Blue has your back! Weighing in at a lightweight 3.4 kilos (7.5lbs), these amazing boards are super easy to carry and, with their rad double-sided design, you're guaranteed to get yourself out of any sticky situation lickety-split (or, you know, as soon as your 4WD gets traction). Talk about smooth sailing!

  • The MAXTRAX MKII FJ Blue is the perfect tool for your off-roading adventures! Get unstuck faster with six handles and two shovels. Secure it with the exclusive keyhole accessory points, and you'll be back to the trail in no time!!