Lightforce HTXMK2 Hybrid Drivings Lights - 12V

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Rev up your night-time adventures with the Lightforce HTXMK2 Hybrid Driving Light, the ultimate game-changer for your 4x4 rig. At TJM Northern Beaches, we know the value of reliable gear, and the HTXMK2 delivers just that with a dash of Aussie toughness.

Say Goodbye to ordinary driving lights and prepare for the ultimate driving light upgrade. Imagine experiencing 1 lux of brilliant illumination at an astonishing distance of 1.65 kilometres. The HTXMK2 achieves this incredible feat by seamlessly merging the long-distance capabilities of HID technology with the intensity of a 20-inch LED lightbar. 

Be prepared for unmatched power and coverage that transforms the night into day.

Safety is important during your off-road adventures, and the HTXMK2 has your back. Crafted right here in Australia to meet the highest standards. This light doesn’t just look impressive; it redefines performance lighting. Whether you're navigating challenging terrain or conquering winding backroads– the HTXMK2 is your unwavering mate. It’ll redefine your 4x4 game.

The HTXMK2 boasts an all-new, robust aluminium housing that's fully sealed, complete with a genuine Gore® breather. It's not merely dustproof and "water-resistant"; it's fully waterproof up to a meter. Regardless of the situation, the HTXMK2 stands tall, ready to tackle whatever nature throws your way.

TJM Northern Beaches Expert Tip: To ensure your driving lights continue to perform at their peak, regular inspections are vital. Check for any signs of dust or water ingress to maintain their lifespan and adventure with unwavering confidence.

Specs and Features:

  • One-piece aluminium housing designed for durability
  • Increased surface area for heat management, ensuring longevity
  • The slimline profile ensures compatibility with modern bullbars
  • Designed to complement frontal crash avoidance systems
  • Modular spot, combo, and amber filters, along with black covers, are available
  • Enhanced efficiency thanks to the true 5000K OEM spec Phillips® D1S HID bulb
  • Enhanced EMI reduction with a reliable German OEM spec Osram® ballast.
  • Shielded cables that exceed EMC compliance 
  • CE certification, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance
  • Redesigned seals that incorporate a fully integrated waterproof plug for endurance 
  • Ingress protection –  IP68 and IP69K standards
  • UV-stabilized powder-coated finish for enhanced durability
  • Repositioned mounting points with redesigned captive Nyloc® nuts for improved balance, rigidity, and strength
  • Easy access point for simple HID bulb replacement, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
  • Illumination with 1 LUX @ 1650M (PAIR)
  • Proven IP68 and IP69K waterproofing
  • Made in AUSTRALIA
  • Beam Type: LED|HID
  • 3-year warranty 

What others are saying about this product 

‘Lights work great. HIDs take a couple of seconds to warm up. Big output for what amps it draws. Have done nothing but enjoy them so far.’