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Clearview TYR-01 Tyre Spider

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  • Built to speed up, simplify and reduce time bending down and kneeling as you manage tyre pressures
  • Lets you adjust tyre pressures evenly
  • Designed to work independently
  • Can also be attached to the vehicle's air compressor
  • Allows you to stagger tyre pressures with ease (any combination of tyres through four controllable inlet valves and digital pressure gauge)
  • Each kit comes with two (2) 5-metre hoses and two (2) 8-metre hoses to enable simple application on the longest of wheel-based vehicles


  • Inflation – Inflate up to 4 tyres simultaneously via an air-compressor.
  • Borrow Air – Inflate a tyre without an air-compressor by borrowing air from up to 3 tyres.
  • Deflation – Deflate up to 4 tyres simultaneously.
  • Equalisation – Equalise tyre pressure across multiple tyres simultaneously.