Heavy Duty Stackable Tred GT 4x4 Recovery Boards

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Tread lightly but confidently into the great outdoors with the TRED GT Recovery Board. These lightweight and stackable boards will hold your weight but won't take up all your space, while their high-quality polypropylene construction and lifetime warranty will help you push off-road adventures to their limits. With dedicated entry and exit points to keep you rolling and TRED-Link technology for end-to-end linking, nothing will keep you stuck - not even mud! Get going in Fluro Green!

The TRED GT RECOVERY DEVICE BLUE (PAIR) is your new must-have for 4WD adventures! This pair of off-road superstars are constructed with automotive-grade polypropylene, giving you superior strength and reliability in all weathers. Not only will you get ultimate traction with the dedicated entry and exit points, but you'll also have less equipment sticking out from your vehicle thanks to their lower design profile and tighter storage space. Go on, tackle any terrain in style with these Aussie-made gems!

Features and Specs

  • Sipe Lock-It's designed with a patented grip profile that actually engages with the water evacuation channels on your tires - aka 'Sipes' - so you can get back on your way with ease!
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Concave Ramp
  • Progressive variable tooth design
  • Convex profile
  • One of a kind features- Shovel and handles, plus a contour ramp for maximum grip
  • Tred Link-Nest your TRED GT or TRED HD recovery boards from entry ramp to shovel end, to give a potentially limitless recovery surface without the need for additional joiners.

Supplier Sku: TREDGTBU