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Torqit PTP1006 Pedal Torq PLUS to suit Great Wall V200

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The Pedal Torq Plus is the latest and best throttle controller to hit Australia. The new Bluetooth technology utilised in the unit is the only one of its kind that permits a driver to access the engines full potential wirelessly.

A Pedal Torq Plus unit increases throttle response, which means you go fast at a quicker rate. Plus, the simple compact design can be fitted to both diesel and petrol vehicles in less than 60 seconds, without the need for cutting or rewiring.

Paired via Bluetooth to the users’ smartphone, the said automation allows for instant updates, ensuring the most recent technology is always fitted to your vehicle. Even better, the completely-wireless throttle control unit has three modes that are perfect for any terrain and driving condition. The technology and concept is an Australian design, and manufactured in Germany to ensure the Pedal Torq Plus is the highest quality, best throttle controller available on the market.

* Economy
* Cruise
* Sport

* Download the Torqit App
* Remove factory plug from the accelerator
* Install the new harness
* Add the device in the Torqit App

Key Features
* 5-year warranty
* Vehicle-specific software
* Completely wireless unit
* 3 ideal settings perfect for any driving condition
* Utilises all factory plugs, no cutting or rewiring required
* Manufactured in Germany