Professionally Installed Towing Mirrors – Fair Dinkum or a Rip-Off?

Your ulimate guide to towing mirrors awaits!

I know what you are thinking, of course, they're just going to tell me it's worth it because of professional installations, right?". Well, buckle up, because there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye. 

If you’re reading this article it’s safe to assume you are the proud owner of a caravan, camper trailer, horse float or boat. You’ve also most likely got towing experience and know there’s already enough that can go wrong while towing your precious cargo like a hoon abruptly pulling in front of you. 

If you want to make your towing experience that much easier keep reading. 

The TJM Northern Beaches team helps many customers each day with their 4x4 accessory and fitting needs. From bull bars to fridges to headrest TVs – our experienced team of 4x4 accessory fitters and mechanics help people like you set their vehicles up for the many adventures 4x4 life brings. 

After-market towing mirrors are one of the most popular products we fit day in and day out. We can confidently say we’ve seen it all when it comes to towing mirrors. The TJM team also understand that for the average person who doesn’t do this kind of thing every day choosing the right towing mirrors can be overwhelming. 

Stay to the end to see our range of towing mirrors for Volkswagons, Toyota's, Isuzu, Fords and more. 

This article is to help you avoid the many mistakes we see customers make when it comes to towing mirrors like wasting their time and money on clip-on towing mirrors.  Also, we’ll lay the options and facts out on the line for you to make your own decision.  

Towing Mirrors - Professionally Installed VS. DIY Clip-Ons

In the world of 4x4 adventures, family road trips, and towing precious cargo, having the right equipment can mean the difference between a smooth journey and a heart-pounding ordeal. 

And we’re not referring to the good kind of heart-pounding either. 

Imagine setting off on that long-awaited getaway, your 4x4 loaded up with a caravan, camper trailer, horse float, or boat. It's a ripper sight filled with excitement. But here's the twist – the choice of towing mirrors.

Towing mirrors are often treated like an afterthought. 

Some folks opt for a quick and cheap fix, those clip-on mirrors that promise a broader view. It might seem like a budget-friendly choice but don’t be fooled. 

 It’s kind of like trying to build a sturdy home of flimsy driftwood. It just doesn’t work. 

Let's be straight up about the reality most of us face. Those clip-on mirrors usually fall short of the mark. Just look at the many reviews online. They wobble, rattle, and make your view look as clear as mud, leaving you feeling like you're trying to find your way through a rainstorm with fogged-up sunnies. 

Here’s what two not-so-happy campers had to say about their DIY clip-on towing mirror purchases, 

  1. ‘Total waste of money. Do not stay in position and fold in every time you pass a truck. Wish I read the reviews before blowing my $$$.’
  2. Scratches of paint on the door frame where the bottom strap connects under the bottom of the door’

The result?

Stress and anxiety straight out the gate of your family adventures. And as one person experienced scratches on their car door. 

Mmmmm not good. 

Think of professionally installed towing mirrors as the compass that guides your ship through rough seas, offering crystal clear views and keeping your rig steady and ready for unpredictable drivers on the highway.

These mirrors are built properly, blending seamlessly with your vehicle, and giving you a rock-solid, shake-free look at what's going on behind. 

They're not just a convenience; they're your mate, making sure your journey is safe and hassle-free.  

Understanding the Different Features and Specs of Towing Mirrors

Depending on what mirrors you decide on here are some key features we recommend understanding and looking out for. 

But first, we want to point out that professionally installed towing mirrors can’t add to your factory settings. If your vehicle doesn’t have the infrastructure to support electronic mirrors you can’t install aftermarket electronic towing mirrors. You can only maintain your factory set-up or downgrade.

Let's dive into the key features and specs to consider when choosing the perfect towing mirrors for your rig.

Mirror Type and Size

Each mirror type and size serves a unique purpose. You have options of various types including, 

  • Flat mirrors – provide a true reflection of what's behind you.
  • Convex mirrors – offer a wider field of view, reducing blind spots.
  • Split-view mirrors – combine both flat and convex sections for comprehensive visibility.

Figure out what mirror type and size will best suit your driving needs then make a selection. If you are unsure pop in and visit the new TJM showroom to see these options on display and more. 


Adjustable towing mirrors allow you to customize the angle and position of the mirror for optimal visibility. 

Imagine effortlessly tweaking your mirrors to suit not only towing but also everyday driving and navigating tight spots like crowded malls and compact garages.

You need to be able to adapt the mirror angles to match your height and seating position, ensuring a clear and comprehensive view of the road and your surroundings. This adaptability reduces blind spots and enhances safety. It’s a level of control and convenience that standard mirrors simply can't match.

All of the Towing Mirrors apart of the TJM Northern Beaches range offer easy-to-use adjustment mechanisms.

*Options for this feature may vary depending on your vehicle make, model and year. 

Extension and Retraction (Power Fold)

Some towing mirrors can be extended for towing and retracted for daily driving.

Picture this – you're cruising down the highway with your caravan in tow, and you want a broader view of the road and the surrounding traffic. With just a simple adjustment, you can extend outward, expanding your field of vision with a clear sight of what's happening behind and alongside your rig.

Now, imagine you're navigating through a tight and crowded parking lot or maneuvering your 4x4 into a compact garage. In these scenarios, the ability to easily retract your mirrors is crucial. 

With a quick adjustment, you can fold the mirrors closer to your vehicle, reducing their profile and allowing you to navigate through narrow spaces with ease.

These features provide the flexibility you need to stay in control and navigate any driving environment with confidence.

The ‘’Power Fold’’ option also fits under this feature. If your rig supports this feature it is a game-changer! It adds an extra layer of adaptability to your towing mirrors. With just the push of a button, you can fold your mirrors in and out, making them suitable for various situations.

Heating and Defrosting

Heated towing mirrors prevent frost and ice buildup during cold weather, ensuring clear visibility. If you live in colder regions, this feature is a particularly valuable addition to your towing mirrors. These handy features keep your mirrors free from fog and ice. 

With this feature, you can confidently merge onto a rain-slicked highway or reverse out of your driveway on a chilly winter morning without any visibility hindrance.

When it comes to towing and 4x4 driving it's all about safe and hassle-free driving, no matter the weather conditions. 

*Options for this feature may vary depending on your vehicle make, model and year. 

Material and Durability

When considering towing mirrors, prioritising high-quality materials is important. Choose towing mirrors crafted from robust plastics and corrosion-resistant metals. 

This will ensure their longevity even in the face of challenging conditions. These durable materials guarantee that your mirrors can withstand the harshest weather conditions and the rigours of off-road adventures. 

Rain, mud, snow, or scorching sun – your towing mirrors will remain in the same high quality as the day you purchased them. 

Choosing towing mirrors built to last not only saves you money on replacements but also provides the peace of mind that your mirrors will continue to perform flawlessly, no matter where your 4x4 adventures take you.

Understanding these features and specifications will help you make an informed decision when selecting towing mirrors for your 4x4 rig. 

Remember that professionally installed towing mirrors can significantly improve your towing experience, ensuring safety and convenience on the road. 

It's all about getting value for your investment, rather than feeling like you've been ripped off.

Upgrade Your Towing Performance With TJM Northern Beaches 

TJM Northern Beaches has a towing mirror solution for your 4x4 car to retain all the factory features. Whether you live in a unit block needing to navigate small places or need towing mirrors to help with a wide load like massive vans. 

Our Team of experienced pros will help you identify what style of mirror suits your needs and budget. As you can see from this article many determining factors go into deciding on what towing mirrors to select. 

We suggest visiting our showroom with your rig so our professional team can provide you with the best options to suit your needs. 

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