Blackhawk Lattice 220 Tower Section (3.1 metres | No Accessories)

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These modular free-standing aluminium lattice towers are manufactured in Queensland in 3.1 metre sections. It is possible for the tower to support a 6.2 metre (two module) stack as a freestanding tower, and 40.7 meters when guyed. As a freestanding tower they find their usefulness in many telecommunications applications where height is provided naturally by terrain, and when mounting to the side of buildings.


  • Lightweight stackable design
  • 3.1 to 6.2 m tower heights
  • 340 mm wide body
  • 3100 mm modular lengths
  • 50 x 4 mm aluminium CHS legs
  • 32 x 3 mm lattice structure
  • Low maintenance aluminium construction