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Darche T050801051D Pole Generic 138CM (Old Max)

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Swag poles are the bones of your swag set up, essential for every adventure - from the first time camper to the experienced enthusiast. Complete your arsenal with Darches vast range of swag poles for every kind of tent, tour and terrain.

The Generic Swag Pole is designed to be cut down to suit most 1400-1550mm wide swags.

Features & Specifications

Set includes:

  • 1 Head / Foot Pole
  • Length = 2860mm

Ridge Pole Sold Separately

Suits: Is suitable for double dome swags.

Ideal for: General camping, 4x4 touring

IMPORTANT NOTE: The delivery of this item may be subject to delays. Please contact us immediately if you want to purchase this and let us know how soon do you need the item.